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If you want to download the created Google Web Stories and upload it to any other web site, then your problem will be solved in this blog.

Turn Google Web Stories into Creative Videos Using MakeStories

Most third-party platforms help convert your videos to Google Web Stories. But with MakeStories, the reverse is also possible!

What is Google Web Stories?

Google Web Story is a mobile-first, visually appealing, tapable content format. They provide quick brief information to the users. Google Web Story, like social media stories, is a visual format with engaging content.

It’s easy to design and publish these stories directly on the web. You can use simple online tools like MakeStories.

Web Stories give the brand complete control over the concept and execution. There are no content restrictions from third-party platforms. A strong SEO strategy can ensure that web stories reach their users up to 5 times faster than social media.

Web Stories was launched in 2015 by Google, then known as AMP Stories. It did not gain traction and was soon discontinued.

In October 2020, Google relaunched AMP Stories as Google Web Stories. Their primary markets are in India, Brazil and the United States.

Download Google Web Stories for Videos and Images

The video format has been at the forefront of content consumption by users. Google introduced a new content format 4 years ago in the form of Google Web Stories.

Since then, brands have been in a hurry to adopt this new method of inbound marketing.

A study by Wyzowl shows that 86% of people want more videos from brands. This format is dominated by content strategies.

Many third-party platforms allow you to convert videos to Google Web Stories. But what if you already have a great web story that will bring huge success in the form of videos? MakeStories gives you an easy solution to do just that!

Best Trending Google Web Stories Hashtags on the googel – 2022

Web Stories in demand – 93% of marketers claim increased brand awareness

In 2022, the need for custom content formats to match audience profiles is greater than ever. Your ideal customer profile can span across different mediums depending on the industry.

For example, with Google Web Stories, only those viewers will be able to consume content that is on Google. The same content can be reproduced in video format for different social media platforms.

One of the biggest benefits of creating web stories using MakeStories is that with the click of a button, you can turn them into a shareable video.

Benefits of Creating Web Stories Using MakeStories

Many other benefits of using MakeStories include:

1. Workspace Station


Teamwork plays an important role in creative production. With this feature, each team member has access to the same file.

This location helps the team eliminate long feedback chains and approval times. This speeds up the process of creation of the final file.

2. Extensive Media Library


MakeStories gives you an exhaustive choice of images and videos to choose from. This can help make your web stories unique.

You can choose an image or video to make each slide look attractive on its own, or you can combine them into one video. We’ll talk more about how to do this soon.

3. Choose any template to create Google Web Stories


This is a great feature for non-designers or beginners to use. There are many creative templates available and they are updated very frequently.

4. Publish Anywhere

These videos can be published directly on your website. They can also be used to publish on various social media platforms.

MakeStories downloads stories in videos compiled in mp4 format.
Step by Step Guide to Converting Web Stories to Videos Using MakeStories

These simple steps can guide you in turning your Google web stories into engaging videos.

1. Create your Web Stories

MakeStories is everything you need to create amazing, effective web stories. They bring function and design together in an easy-to-use free online editor.

Unlike other web story editors, MakeStories offers you additional add-ons apart from fonts, animations, graphics, etc. It gives you the option to add interactive elements like quizzes, polls, CTAs. The latest addition is the tag location feature.

Here is a quick link to learn how to create web stories on MakeStories.

2.Click On Publish Your Google Web Stories


Now it’s time to publish your web stories because you’ve finalized the visual elements. There are two ways to do this. MakeStories makes it easy to publish your web stories directly to your website.

The second option allows you to export your stories for use on other social media networks.

3. Download Google Web Stories


The next step is to select Export for Social Media from the drop-down menu. This will take you to your collection of web stories in the form of assembled videos. Once selected, your download will be queued for export.

You can check the download status in the lower right corner to see when the download is complete. You will also receive an email confirming your download is complete.

4. Google Web Stories Zip Folder Downlaod


You should see a ZIP folder loaded at the bottom of your screen after the export process is finished. It’s the same as downloading a zip file.

5. Google Web Stories Access the Zip Folder


Zip Folder downloads your stories into two separate folders – Pictures and Videos. It allows the user to pick and choose as per their needs. To go to your videos, go to the Videos folder and click on it.

6. Google Web Stories video is ready!

Video Ready

You can select individual slides and use them as a video. You have the option to choose the full story which is the assembled video.

It’s that easy!

Here you can try making your first google web stories video using MakeStories and uplaod any website.

How to fast Monetize Google Web Stories?

You can use any type of ad story mentioned above to earn money from Google Web Stories. An advertising story is an open-source HTML with AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) framework.

It aims to assist in faster mobile loading to enhance the user experience. There are many helpful ad networks. Google AdSense or Google Ad Manager are some of the things that help in creating web story ads.

Google recommends using third-party tools like MakeStories. Apart from creating and publishing, it helps to monetize Google Web Stories.

Benefits of Web Stories on Google

In addition to having complete ownership of the stories, hosting them on your website is a benefit! They are not bound by a 24-hour time limit, unlike Instagram and Facebook. It helps you to reach a wider audience.

You can also increase your SEO with easy indexing. Another advantage is that you can track the performance of your web stories on Google Analytics. You can also send real-time notifications to your users using the Live Story feature.

But a lot of brands and marketers don’t know that Google Web Stories are also a source of revenue! Dive deeper to understand the benefits of Google Web Stories.

How do Web Stories ads work and where do they appear?

There are 500 million people who view Instagram Stories daily. If you are one of them, you must have seen sponsored ads. A Hootsuite study showed that 50% of users visit a website for a product or service that they saw in ads. This makes it important for marketers to take advantage of advertising on Instagram stories.

Web Stories ads are full-length, engaging ad creative. The user can see this while browsing through the web story. These ads are displayed based on the number of pages viewed on the story and the time spent on the site.

Therefore, the longer the web story, the higher the ad impressions. The biggest advantage of Web Stories ads is that 100% of the revenue generated goes to you.

How to increase your organic traffic using Google AMP Stories ?

Google Web Stories is a great tool to increase organic traffic to your website. They follow the same principles as blogs for SEO. Taking the time to optimize web stories can help increase your brand’s visibility across the web.

Learn how to increase organic traffic to your website. Read more about them here.

Benefits of Google Web Stories AMP

There are many benefits of using Google Web Stories formerly known as AMP Stories.

1. Faster Loading Time – AMP technology enables Google Web Stories to load super fast on the user’s mobile. This prevents the user from leaving the page, which is often seen with slow page loads.

2. Wide audience reach – Published web stories appear on the open web. It increases the reach of the audience as compared to the reach on social media. An attractive option for any brand looking to expand their reach outside of social media.

3. No time limit – AMP stories stay published on the web for as long as you want. In comparison, Instagram or Facebook stories require a lot of effort and only last for 24 hours.

4. Improve SEO – Web stories act like a blog section. They optimize for search engine results. They help your brand rank higher on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

How to increase your organic traffic using Google AMP Web Stories ?

Google Web Stories is a great tool to increase organic traffic to your website. They follow the same principles as blogs for SEO. Taking the time to optimize web stories can help increase your brand’s visibility across the web. Learn how to increase organic traffic to your website. Read more about them here.

Where do Google Web Stories appear?

You may be wondering where these stories appear once they are published. Web stories appear on a number of platforms, on Google and other platforms.
all google

Google has several places where web stories can appear.

Google Search – One way is when you search for information on Google. It directs you to visual stories from different publishers. This can be either in a grid or a single view. A brand can index these stories as a web page that appears when a user searches for content.

Google Images – Stories in Google can also appear in Google Images. You’ll be able to identify them with an icon on the bottom right corner of the images, suggesting it’s a web story.

Google Discover – You can find stories on Google Discover in carousel format. You will see this if you are in India, Brazil or the United States. You can scroll through the carousel or tap a carousel to learn more about a specific topic.

How many pages of stories were created on Google Web Stories?

Google recommends for these web stories that they be at least eight to ten slides up to about 30 slides.

Google has also released Web Stories Guidelines for these stories.

Creating a web story is so easy. All you have to do is download the plugin to create web stories in WordPress.

Does creating a Google Web Story have to be high quality?

Google web stories help your site or brand or product or anything related to rank higher in the overall Google search results. It gives great SEO engagement and high quality content for your brand in the beginning.

They are another way to increase traffic to your website and help build your business.

Google has already put so much effort and hard work into web stories, so it’s entirely possible that it will try harder and harder in the future to make web stories more successful and widespread on the open web.

With its large plugin marketplace, WordPress offers web creators and web developers great opportunities to enjoy the story format and explore new tools for creating web stories.

What should be the format of the story?

Google Web Stories and the format they represent are a new way to showcase your brand on the open web. This will help you to present the information in a user friendly manner.

If you’re still in doubt, try out web stories using the MakeStories plugin and see if it’s worth the effort with your own brand and services.

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