'Big Brother’ 2022 cast: 

The full list of who’s on Season 24

Lined Circle

Paloma Aguilar

Age: 22, Hometown/Current City: San Marcos, California, Occupation: Interior designer

Taylor Hale

Age: 27, Hometown/Current City: West Bloomfield, Michigan, Occupation: Personal stylist

Terrance Higgins

Age: 47, Hometown/Current City: Chicago, Illinois, Occupation: Bus operator

Monte Taylor

Age: 27, Hometown/Current City: Bear, Delaware, Occupation: Personal trainer

Michael Bruner

Age: 28, Hometown: Saint Michael, Minnesota, Current City: Rochester, Minnesota, Occupation: Attorney

Matt “Turner” Turner

Age: 23, Hometown: North Attleborough, Massachusetts, Current City: New Bedford, Massachusetts, Occupation: Thrift store owner

Kyle Capener

(pronounced Cape-ner), Age: 29, Hometown/Current City: Bountiful, Utah, Occupation: Unemployed

Joseph Abdin

Age: 24, Hometown: Lake Worth, Fla., Current City: Lake Worth, Fla. Occupation: Lawyer

Joe Pucciarelli 

Age: 24, Hometown: Staten Island, N.Y., Current City: Boca Raton, Florida, Occupation: Assistant football coach

Daniel Durston

Age: 35, Hometown: Ontario, Canada, Current City: Las Vegas, Nevada, Occupation: Vegas performer

Brittany Hoopes

Age: 32, Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia, Current City: Austin, Texas, Occupation: Hypnotherapist

Jasmine Davis

Age: 29, Hometown: Terry, Mississippi, Current City: Atlanta, Georgia, Occupation: Entrepreneur

Ameerah Jones

Age: 31, Hometown/Current City: Westminster, Maryland, Occupation: Content designer

Alyssa Snider

Age: 24, Hometown/Current City: Sarasota, Florida, Occupation: Marketing rep

Indy Santos

Age: 31, Hometown: São Paulo, Brazil, Current City: Los Angeles, California Occupation: Corporate flight attendant

'Big Brother’ 2022 cast: 

The full list of who’s on Season 24

Lined Circle

Nicole Layog

(pronounced Lay-ogg), Age: 41, Hometown/Current City: Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Occupation: Private chef