2022 NBA Draft: Biological analysis, fits for every pick of John Hollinger and Sam Wesney

Somehow, it worked out for the Detroit Pistons, who were happy to take Ivey at number 5. After taking on Cade Cunningham for the first time last year, he now has the earnings of a wonderfully young backcourt.

The New York Knicks entered draft night with just two picks: numbers 11 and 42. Even with the usual rumours, it looked like it would be a straight night. Of course, that's not possible with this franchise, and after three trades and hours of confusion, they left with Trevor Keels (No. 42), three future first-round picks, and some extra cap space. In the first deal of the night, he sent the No. 11 pick (Osman Dieng) to the Oklahoma City Thunder for three futures.